Thursday, May 10, 2018

Exciting Week

 This week was very entertaining and exciting and fun. On math, we learned about different types of measurement. On literacy, we learned about recount essay and description word. On our UOI class, we knew our central idea and we created our own lines of inquiry.

 On our literacy, we learned about purpose of the recount essay and description word. Purpose of the recount essay is to remain what happened on the past, and its good recount writing if it has many advanced descriptive words. Types of description word is- shape, size, color, number, texture, location and action(feeling). We wrote the essay about what we did last night and what happened in performance,-'Wizard of OZ'. It was fun.

On our math class, we learned about each different measurement. We rotated each different station about length &angle, mass, capacity, temperature, volume, area and time. The most fun part for me was time,  'How much does it takes to make million dollars?' (person, job)- I chose UNiVeRSe AUROA, famous pro- gamer. He makes 130000 dollars in 1 years, So 130000 divided by 1000000= 0.7518...., so it's 0.75 years- 9 month-270 days-6480 hour- 388800 minutes. It was very interesting.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

What we learned this week

We had a fun week this time. We took action about our central idea, learned about perimeter and area at math and response essay at literacy.

In our exhibition, we took our action about our central idea, which was thinking about green space plan, which was near at the canteen. Our team's topic is deforestation, so we thought about our UNIS' green space plan, which is near at the canteen. I learned that I can measure the perimeter with my body, because I measured our green space's perimeter with my feet. I wondered how can I measured the area.

In our math class, we learned about geometry. We learned some vocabulary about geometry, such as perimeter-(length around the polygon) and area-(how wide is the shape is). I solved the unicorn problem and bathroom tile problem, which is about the perimeter and area. I learned that I can use my geometry skill, as measuring perimeter and area, that I can use it in my real life. I wonder how can I measure the area of triangle and many different shapes.

We learned about response essay in our literacy, and we wrote the response essay of our music concert.
I learned about response writing's structure, which is title, context, description and judgment. I also learned about purpose of the response writing, which is to say the opinion about specific object and event. I wondered what writing we are going to learn after response essay.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Entertaining Week

This week, we have been learning many interesting and exiting things. We learned about Judgment words, division with remainder and researching information about our PYPX learning. It was a bit hard for me, but it was very exciting. 

On our PYPX...
We researched our information about our topic. Our topic is deforestation, so we researched about deforestation.  I learned that deforestation affects the living things, water cycle, air, water, soil pollution and global warming. I also founded out some fantastic website which gives the easy and trustful information,
I also founded out that the deforestation affects the human health, and I learned people does deforestation to do mining, agriculturing and making paper. I think our groups are going well because we collected many trustful information. We also cooperated well, so I think our group did pretty cool.

On our Math...
We learned about solving the division problems in many ways. 
1. Doing with model
2. Doing with number line
3. Doing with algorithm

We also learned showing remainders in many ways,
1. ignore it
2. round it up
3. represent it with fraction or decimal.
We made our own word problems too. This is one of my problem that I made.
There are 479 parrots are in national zoo. 7 parrots can sit on one tree and national zoo wants to make every parrots are able to sit on trees, then how many trees are needed?

On our literacy...
We learned about  judgment word. Judgment words are used to judge visual objects or specific events. It was used at responsive text, which tells the opinion about visual objects or events. It can be divided into 2 groups, positive and negative. I was so suprised to know there are so many judgment words.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fun week

We had fun week. It was the funniest time ever when I came to this class. We did concert. I play violin, so we played tap dancer, so there and tiptoe boo. It was a bit nervous,but I think we did well.
In our exhibition time, we researched about our topic that is given to us. I didn't knew 80% of land animal lives in fores, but now I learned that.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Field trip

We went to the military history museum at  mystery field trip. We saw the weapons that is made of the stone, iron and gold. Soon, guide came to us. We learned about period of the French colony, War with Japan and civil war. They had nothing, but they fought bravely. It was so heartwarming.
On UOI, we ended up our government unit and we are doing SDG and PYPX now. My passion is maze making, and it's so hard to connect with social issues. Math, we are doing probability. It can show with word and number. It is interesting.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Field Trip

Feb.8th, we went to the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. House of the Ho Chi Minh was yellow and big. There was many books and 2 cars. There was man made lake and fish too. We saw the guard marching. There was the substance of the Ho Chi Minh.
In math, we learnt about the percentage.We learnt about taxes and budget.
In literacy, we learnt about the discussion essay.
Knowing about the budget was exciting.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


On my second day of the UNIS, we learnt about the biography. I read the biography of the Alexander Fleming. He is the man who made the medicine. I made the timeline of his life. On UOI class, we learnt about the government. It was fun. On math class, we learnt about the mean average. We also learnt about the GDP. I think here is very good place.